Services Through New Horizons Counseling Center

Many of our therapists specialize in specific areas of counseling. Some of these areas of specialty include:


Children ages 3-12 experiencing issues with anger, ADD/ADHA, dual families, inappropriate behaviors, abuse and more.

Young Adults

Adolescents and young adults experiencing issues with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, socialization with peers, eating disorders, drugs, split families, school, parents, sex and more.


All couples and families with issues involving avoidance, sex, affairs, individual needs and wants, divorce, romance, children, co-parenting and more.


Individual issues, specifically tailored for men and women, life changes, bereavement, loss of interest, family conflicts, life and work stress, traumatic events, addictive disorders such as alcohol, gambling, drugs and more.

Schedule An Appointment

Our administrative staff is highly trained to assist you with your scheduling, communication and insurance needs. They work closely with your therapist and most insurance companies to facilitate the billing process and promote courteous and personalized assistance.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 337-478-1411.

*Most insurances accepted. Please check with your insurance provider for coverage confirmation.
**Appointment fees vary based on counselor, services provided and insurance co-pays.